5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You About Relocation

Moving into a new home is always a lot of fun. The anticipation, the excitement, channelling the inner interior designer – it’s all very fun and very overwhelming at the same time.
For those of you who know me know the fact that I recently moved out and into my new house and let me tell you, it was no walk in the park! It involves meticulous planning, back-breaking, being quick and decisive & a few unexpected surprises thrown in here and there.
Just like life, moving homes has various aspects to it. It comes with challenges and questions, figuring which will leave you scratching your head – I know I did! Well, if you ask me for my two bits of wisdom on the matter – these are five facts that you should keep in mind that nobody will tell you while you’re shifting (believe me, I speak from experience):
1. Allow yourself plenty of time to plan.
Moving homes is not like packing for a trip to Goa – starting the night before will only lead to disaster. From planning your cartons to deciding what should be shifted when (as per importance), everything needs to be chalked out in a detailed blueprint before the actual process starts.
2. Pack one room at a time.
Multi-tasking is good, but putting too many fingers in too many pies IS NOT! I realised that only when I was done with one and move onto the other, is when I began to find method in the madness. My tip – think of it as a checklist that you need to methodically start ticking off.

3. Declutter.
Once you’ve made your plan and charted out a schedule for yourself, the thing you need to do is declutter. Your home represents your life and the minute you get rid of all the excess, you’ll automatically get streamlined.
4. Label, label, label!
There’s nothing more annoying than having a mountain of boxes in front of you and not knowing what it contains. When I shifted last, I found myself staring at a box pile which was sky high. Moving requires boxes and boxes tantamount to confusion. My recommendation would be that if you want to make the entire moving process (both before and after) easy-breezy, get labels and go crazy!

5. Last but not the least, time it.
Nobody will ever tell you that moving houses is like getting into a race against yourself. I remember stalling the process till the very end (error 1) and not timing myself at all (error 2), the result – disaster. Hence, if you are bad at time management (which I am!) it’s best to either start practicing before hand or get professional help.
As they say, difficult situations are but a part and parcel of life and when life throws you lemons, make lemonade – that’s how I look at it at least! Which is why, when I shift houses next.

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